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Ford SYNC®

When you buy a new Ford vehicle, you can expect it to come equipped with some pretty cool technology. Many models come standard with a version of Ford’s SYNC® technology. Here is what you can expect.


With the base SYNC® system, your Ford will have some advanced abilities including hands-free calling, 911-assist, music search and control, and possibly even navigation.


Starting with the 2016 model year, Ford introduced its latest SYNC® 3 software. This next-generation system can do many of the same things as the base SYNC® system, but with a few added bonuses. This includes a touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom technology, improved voice recognition, and automatic updates through Wi-Fi.


There are times when you might want to use certain smartphone apps on your car’s touchscreen. With SYNC® AppLink™, you can do just that. Stream your favorite music, get directions to a new destination, order pizza after work, and get sports updates without having to touch your phone. Use voice commands and steering wheel buttons to access your favorite apps.


If you love the convenience of asking your Amazon Echo to play your favorite songs or answer your burning questions, you will now be able to use the Ford+Alexa app via SYNC® 3 AppLink™. Ford+Alexa gives you access to Traffic Information, Voice Navigation, Amazon Prime shopping, supported Smart Home devices, and over 30,000 Alexa skills.

SYNC® Connected Powered by FordPass™

Some new Ford vehicles are equipped with SYNC® Connect. With these vehicles, you can use your FordPass™ app to stay in control of your vehicle even when you’re not driving. You can remotely track your vehicle’s location, lock and unlock the doors, start and stop the engine, and even check the fuel level. Schedule specific start times so your Ford is ready to roll as soon as you are.


If you have any questions about setting up your Ford SYNC® or finding a new car with the system, contact us at Kunes Ford of East Moline.

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